Giving Campaigns

Samaritan Counseling accepts donations at any time and for any reason. However, we have established a few fundraising events and giving campaigns to raise awareness in the community and to allow donors to designate their gifts to be used for specific purposes. These are our current giving campaigns: 

Silent Samaritan

Women of Strength helping Women in Need. Our local Samaritan Center has adopted a tradition founded by the Samaritan Institute of Denver, Colorado, in which women are asked to give $100 so that other women with fewer financial resources can be empowered with the help of counseling. To establish this tradition locally, we are asking women to donate to a program called Silent Samaritan. This will allow women in the Bartlesville area—who are without the financial or insurance resources to pay for counseling—to receive long term therapy. Each contribution of $100 provides at least two hours of subsidized therapy. The need for assistance continues to grow:

  • Over 60% of those that seek counseling help are women.
  • More women than men report having depression.
  • Divorce, single parenthood and other realities make women more vulnerable financially.
  • Women are more likely than men to be victims or physical, sexual and emotional abuse.
  • Women are raised to put their needs second, which makes it difficult to ask for help.

Becoming a Silent Samaritan is a chance to give back. It is an opportunity to pass on some of the advantages you have received. Your contribution will go directly into the Silent Samaritan fund to be used exclusively to pay for counseling services for women who are unable to pay for them themselves.

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Sports Spectacular

Sports Spectacular is a kickoff to fall and winter sports events in our community. It is a tailgate party that serves as the fall fundraiser to generate funds that support the work of the Samaritan Center. Reserved Seats are $75 each or you can become an event sponsor for as low as $250. Attendees are encouraged to wear their favorite sports attire.

This event has grown over the past years because of the work of this committee and the support we receive from the community.  The success of this event directly impacts Samaritan's ability to fulfill its mission by raising the needed funds to provide affordable counseling services to individuals in need.

SAFE (Sexual Abuse Fundraising Event)

SAFE is a subsidy program that ensures sexual abuse victims will receive counseling regardless of their financial ability to pay. Samaritan Counseling and Growth Center sets aside the money raised at the SAFE fund raiser to provide counseling services to victims of sexual abuse in Northeastern Oklahoma and Southeastern Kansas.

Each year in the US, there are almost a quarter million victims of sexual abuse. Sexual abuse, incest, and rape leave emotional scars that can affect many aspects of the victims life, making it hard to hold a job or maintain healthy relationships. But the good news is that these symptoms are definitely responsive to treatment. Through counseling, the sexual assault/abuse victim begins to feel less like a victim and more like a survivor. Our goal is to make sure that every single sexual abuse victim has access to treatment.

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