Administrative Assistant Position Opening

Job Description:

1. Open the office for operation

2. Filing documents and charts

a. Electronic and physical

3. Answer and delegate phone calls.

4. Process all Mail

5. Process Intakes, Clients, Referrals and former clients

a. Create folders, uncover the need, select an appropriate therapist, log sessions

6. Process Payments via phone, mail, or in person

7. Monitor billing

a. The status of the bill

b. The status of an EAP

c. The status of Insurance

d. The status of any subsidy program

8. Mail monthly statements

9. Keep in regular contact with Telehealth therapists via email and phone

a. Assistant to the therapists when they need help

b. Update them on anything relevant pertaining to their clients

10. Order supplies for the facility:

a. Staples orders (ink, paper, pens, etc.)

b. General needs (tissue, coffee, soap, toilet paper, etc.)

c. Furniture/Computers

d. Keep a log of receipts (digital & printed) for credit card statements

11. Scheduling for 7 therapists

a. Requires phone calls

b. Double check all information

12. Case Closures:

a. Closing files as editor

b. Consolidate files, print statements, update electronic system

13. Add all clients to the Demographic report as they are seen

14. Delegate any Release of Information/Records

15. Keep an active log of those on the ‘waiting’ list in case of any openings

16. Help clients in financial need:

a. Waive Insurance (if they cannot afford it or if we do not take it)

b. Assess their finances on the sliding scale

c. Coordinate subsidies for these clients as needed

17. Keep up with the fax machine:

a. Organize documents, payments, referrals or anything else that comes through

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